Beware Planet Earth!


Defend the Earth from alien attack


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Beware Planet Earth! is a 'tower defence' game in which you have to prevent a swarm of cute looking aliens from stealing all the cows from our beloved planet Earth.

To do so, you have a load of (about 20) absurd weapons to put in the the aliens way. These consist mostly of farm machines that, with some slight modifications, become lethal weapons. There are many different types of aliens, so you have to figure out which machine works better against each one.

The game's story consists of 46 different levels, divided into the four seasons, with another 18 additional levels in challenge mode for the braver amongst you. What's more, unlike other 'tower defence' games, in Beware Planet Earth! you must manually control a ray gun to get through the levels.

Beware Planet Earth! is a fun game that seamlessly blends action with strategy to provide a distinctive experience, helped by some spectacular graphics.

Only the first few levels can be played in the demo.

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